Invited Speakers
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Plenary Presenter
Erwin Neher | Nobel Laureate | MPI for Biophysical Chemistry, Goettingen
Along with Bert Sakmann, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1991 for "discoveries concerning the function of single ion channels in cells". Neher and Sakmann were the first to record the currents of single ion channels on a live cell (the first recorded using the lipid bilayer method) through their development of the patch-clamp technique.

Plenary Presenter
Reinhard Jahn | MPI for Biophysical Chemistry
Molecular mechanisms of neuronal exocytosis, structural changes of proteins involved in membrane fusion, reconstitution of regulated exocytosis and other intracellular fusion reactions in cell-free systems ...

Nils Brose | MPI für Experimentelle Medizin
Research in our laboratory focuses on molecular mechanisms of synapse development and function in the mammalian central nervous system ...

Plenary Presenter
Peter Dunkley | University of Newcastle (Aus)
Research focus is on signal transduction in neuronal and endocrine tissues and especially on protein phosphorylation. ...

Lee Eiden | NIH
THE Molecular Neuroscience group aims to identify the cellular signaling components that allow neuropeptide GPCRs to control stress-responsive gene transcription...

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